Vetri Under Cabinet Lighting System

The new Vetri LED lighting system offers an incredibly versatile solution to under cabinet lighting. The lighting units simply connect together using straight or corner links. The LED technology provides energy efficiency and high lumen output.

The light fitting is available in two options, a 550mm 6W version which gives a 500 lumen output and a 350mm 3.5W unit giving 300 lumens. Both have a 5 year guarantee, up to 30,000 hours life, 120 degree beam and a Cool White 4000K light source.

There is a choice of 2 LED drivers for the Vetri system; the 12W driver can be used for up to three 3.5W strips or up to two 6W strips, whereas the 24W driver is suitable for up to six 3.5W or four 6W units.

The Vetri system offers two innovative control options. The units are dimmable and there is a three stage touch dimmer available to give control over the light output. Also available is a movement operated IR switch, offering hands free control of the Vetri lighting system.

The high quality Vetri units are manufactured out of silver anodised aluminium and frosted pmma plastic.

Vetri under cabinet lighting

Vetri under cabinet lighting

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