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Fluorescent Lamps

Stock Up On Fluorescent Light Tubes

Due to their efficient operation, fluorescent light tubes are in considerable demand for installations in a wide range of properties. In the current climate, where rising energy prices are a cause for concern, many businesses and home owners want fluorescent tubes to replace their current incandescent fixtures and fittings. Lasting longer than their incandescent counterparts and requiring far less energy to run, fluorescent light bulbs are an essential item in any electrician's supplies. Use us to source some of the best fluorescent strip light items you will find in the UK, all at affordable prices.

We Stock Fluorescent Bulbs for Every Budget

Obviously different projects have varying budgets attached to them, which is why our fluorescent tubes and fluorescent light bulbs are offered in a number of specifications. An economy project may benefit from fluorescent lamps with a lower specification, whilst one of our cutting-edge fluorescent light bulbs may suit a better funded job. All the products we offer are built to a high standard and give superior performance once installed. The differences normally lie in the level of energy efficiency and brightness, with more expensive fluorescent lamps having lower power needs which can result in a longer term energy saving.

Keep Your Customer Informed with Our Catalogue

The paper catalogue which we offer can be a great way of showing customers the choices for fluorescent strip light that can be installed. Especially useful for clients who aren't keen on the Internet, our catalogue is well presented and can be easily ordered by clicking on the icon located on our front page. When you're ready to order, search for what you need, pop it in the virtual basket, select your delivery choice and pay for your items securely. Our system really is that simple and rapid; allowing you to condense what might have taken hours using other sites into a single, swift operation.

National Lighting, a leading lighting supplier, provides a wide range of lighting products, direct from the manufacturer, ideal for both consumer and commercial projects. We offer a diverse selection of high quality architectural lighting for your company, such as outdoor lighting, security lights, track lighting, wall lighting and downlights, as well as a huge range of ceiling lights and bathroom lights.

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