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Exterior Lighting

Maximum Illumination with Outdoor Lighting

There are many reasons to choose to place outdoor lighting on a property. To illuminate your path or to avoid people walking on flowerbeds. Floodlights can aid in security and let would be intruders know that a property is not a soft target.

Exterior Lighting

Whatever exterior lights you require, we here at National Lighting can help you, and we have the best prices on the market. Our outdoor lights are safe, low-cost to run and easy to install.

Modern Outdoor Lighting

For pathway or lawn lighting, we stock both uplighters and bollards. The uplighters are buried and can be round or have a square plate fitting on the top. We have several styles of bollard, from brushed steel to dark anthracite, and a choice between LED lights and bulb light sources. We also carry a range of wall-mounted exterior lights if sinking uplighters or bollards is not possible. For more general outdoor wall lighting, we have sets of smaller wall-mounted lamps that can add a touch of light to any dark corner.

Stay Safe With Security Lights

If security lights are what you require, we have a range of wall-mounted and spike floodlights that can be linked up with a movement detector so you do not disturb your sleep with it! Security floodlights can also be used in conjunction with CCTV for extra security on both home and commercial premises.

High Tech Garden Lights

This website also carries information about everything you will need to set up an array of strip outdoor lights to add an unusual touch to your garden. As well as the LED strips themselves, we carry connectors, drivers, end caps and fixing kits to ensure you can get everything you need in one shop.

Here at National Lighting, you can create your own bespoke garden lighting array. If you have any questions about any of our products simply get in touch and we will be happy to help!
National Lighting, a leading lighting supplier, provides a wide range of lighting products, direct from the manufacturer, ideal for both consumer and commercial projects. We offer a diverse selection of high quality architectural lighting for your company, such as outdoor lighting, security lights, track lighting, wall lighting and downlights, as well as a huge range of ceiling lights and bathroom lights.

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