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Security PIR Lights
Security PIR Lights
Generally, the first line of defence of any facility or commercial establishment against any form of intrusion and vandalism is the perimeter. As such, setting up sound security measures at the perimeter provides any facility or commercial establishment a solid edge in preventing, deterring or detecting any attempts of intrusion and vandalism.
One effective way of enhancing security measures at a building's perimeter is through the installation of security lighting fixtures at strategic areas. In most instances, burglars, saboteurs and vandals usually prefer to consummate their act under the cover of darkness where there is less likelihood of being seen, detected and recognised; and with a security lighting system in place, these evil-minded persons would be considering taking their craft elsewhere. However, the use of outdoor security lighting as the primary means to enhance security at the perimeter shouldn't be treated as a stand-alone solution; it should only be treated as an essential aid to other security measures such as CCTVs and perimeter intrusion-alarm systems. In addition, outdoor security lighting fixtures can also enhance a building's exterior at night, giving it an aesthetic and artistic appearance.

Although the best-protected perimeter is a perimeter that is well-illuminated at all times, rising energy costs can affect any business's bottom line. It is for this very reason that most outdoor security lighting systems are designed with a need-to-illuminate switching setup principle, and the most common of which is the Passive Infrared Sensor switching setup, also known as the PIR or the PIR motion-detecting switch. This switch activates any security lighting fixture only on moments when motion is detected, via infrared signals, within the target radius. Moreover, the switch can be programmed to keep the light fixture turned on for a specific time frame before switching it off. This leads to considerable amounts of energy cost savings for the business owner. Moreover, most security lights already come with built-in PIR switches, although lighting fixtures without PIRs can also be fitted with separately-purchased PIRs.

Here at National Lighting, we provide a variety of weather-resistant and tamper-proof security lights suited to your business's distinct needs. Our wide selection of high-quality lighting systems are manufactured using the latest lighting technology, ensuring a reliable and durable security lighting solution for your business.

National Lighting, a leading lighting supplier, provides a wide range of lighting products, direct from the manufacturer, ideal for both consumer and commercial projects. We offer a diverse selection of high quality architectural lighting for your company, such as outdoor lighting, security lights, track lighting, wall lighting and downlights, as well as a huge range of ceiling lights and bathroom lights.

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