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Outdoor Lighting Sets
Outdoor Lighting Sets

Practical and Pleasing Outdoor Wall Lights

Increasingly, home owners are keen to showcase the exterior of their property with outdoor wall lights which provide attractive illumination of their garden, porch and frontage. Not only do appropriate outdoor light sets display a home beautifully, they also provide an excellent security measure and are useful for enabling safe and straight-forward progress to the front door during the hours of darkness. If you've been asked to fit outdoor wall lights on or around a property, our excellent range includes the most recently developed products from well-known manufacturers, enabling you to select premium items as well as all the necessary fixings, tools and accessories needed to complete the installation to a high standard.

Commercial Outdoor Light Bollards

Commercial outdoor lighting is also in considerable demand, with light bollards a popular option for many offices and retail premises. Car park light bollards are a superb security measure; well-lit car parks are known to be less attractive to car thieves, in addition to providing a safer environment for staff or visitors returning to their vehicles after dark. The cutting-edge commercial outdoor lighting we have on offer will give clients exactly what they need for effective illumination at a realistic price. Our range of light bollards is particularly suitable for a wide range of tricky lighting situations where other options aren't feasible.

Outdoor Light Sets When You Need Them

If you need outdoor light sets or car park light bollards in a hurry and can't wait until 10:30 tomorrow morning (the earliest time our next-day delivery service can transport your goods to your doorstep), then drop into one of our local trade counters and pick up the items you need straight away. The stock levels shown at the side of each product description on our pages lets you know exactly what's available and where you can pick it up, minimising frustrating time delays.

National Lighting, a leading lighting supplier, provides a wide range of lighting products, direct from the manufacturer, ideal for both consumer and commercial projects. We offer a diverse selection of high quality architectural lighting for your company, such as outdoor lighting, security lights, track lighting, wall lighting and downlights, as well as a huge range of ceiling lights and bathroom lights.

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