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Garden Spike Lights
What are spike lights and why are they so useful? A spike light is a wonderfully flexible way to light your garden. You can easily reposition them whenever you want to light up different trees and scrubs depending on the season.

Outdoor spike lights, otherwise known as spike mounted spotlights, are a great way to provide instant illumination to a garden. Even if you do not have any power sockets outside or don't want to restrict the position of your lights by hardwiring them in a particular place, you can still use outdoor spike lights. You can do this by using a linkable spike light system, which comes in various forms but usually comes as a starter kit with between one and three spike lights. You can also add additional lights if your requirements grow later. Usually the lights are powered by a power socket inside the house or in your garage or shed.

Many linkable spike lights contain lights in set positions; although with some of them you are able add lights anywhere across the cable. This means you are able to add additional lights in one place, and means you have control over where you lights will be. It also avoids having lots of extra cable lying around.

Please take a look at our range of lights below. Prices range from �9.50 for the 50w GU10 Black Spike Light, to �29.50 for the 35w GU10 Steel Spike Light, all the way up to �142.79 for our top-of-the-range 35w GY6.5 Silver Grey Spike Light.

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