Great Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Well-Planned Lighting Systems

Lights can make or break the aesthetics of any room in your personal environment. This rings true for your bathrooms or washrooms too. Yes, you need to lay focus on your bathroom lighting as it plays an essential part in your home or office. As present day bathrooms are no longer utility spaces where users spend their least time, they need be properly and tastefully lighted up– just like any other room in a residential or commercial space.

A commercial lighting store, highlights certain great ideas of bathroom lighting that help to spruce up your bathrooms with well-planned lighting systems.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas


You may like to place most bathroom lighting systems on the upper part of your walls to give off maximum lighting benefits. Before proceeding to buy lighting fixtures for your bathrooms, you should be aware of all applicable lighting systems that will be able to cast their glow efficiently in their space. Under the circumstances, you may like to ask questions pertaining to which fixtures and bathroom lighting systems are the best, and where they should in installed in your very personal space. It is important that a plan be drawn up for installing these fixtures; with a view of making the overall environment look bright, cheerful and well-lit up. For instance, a horizontal lighting fixture placed above the mirror will make your bathroom look bigger and well-illuminated.

Lighting Bulbs

Choosing the perfect lighting bulbs is as essential as exploring good options for all other lighting accessories for your bathrooms. Experts in home and commercial lighting systems suggest that buyers should look for cost-effective solutions in the form of LED bulbs for the best (and most affordable) lighting solutions. Available in different shapes, sizes and ampere strengths, these LED bulbs not only give you the perfect lighting that you have been wishing for, but also help you save up to 65% on your energy bills—thereby making them good looking and lucrative too. LED bulbs are safe to use as they are made up of durable and hard plastic casing that do not break easily, even if they end up falling off from their sockets.

Long lasting, cost-effective and available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these LED bulbs are making their presence felt in bathroom lighting systems at homes, schools, malls, hotels, hospitals, offices, banks and a host of other commercial spaces alike. Along with LED bulbs, there are many other variants of fashionable and contemporary lighting aids that promise to make your bathroom look hip and happening.

Placement and Construction of Bathroom Lighting

This concept is a universal consideration and is a task that’s best performed by home/ commercial area owners on their own, or with the help of interior designing professionals. When you are on a mission to choose bathroom lighting, first of all, line up all your requirements. The act will help you to select the best lighting fixtures and bulbs for your bathrooms. Before placing the lights, be sure to have a chit-chat with your electrician as he is the one who will assist you, and make your ideas turn into a reality.

Different Types of Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom is that important space where daily ablutions take place—the room where you not only take a bath/ quick wash but also wash away your day’s tiredness. Therefore, placing a good lighting system in the bathroom is vital. To gain best results, it is advisable to place the lights in a way that they are not reflected off the mirror, but highlight prominent areas in the best ways. There are different kinds of bathroom lighting systems that promise to aid your cause.

Task Lighting

By installing this lighting system in your bathroom, you can achieve good light in all areas that require greater focus, such as the mirror, toilet seat, wash basin, and so forth. For instance, to help the mirror become more functional, and look more attractive, you may consider mounting a pair of sconces at the eye level, on either sides of the mirror. This arrangement provides shadowless lighting too.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting for bathroom are useful for creating special effects and enhancing the glam quotient of your bathrooms.

Accent lighting

If you are an art lover, then go for accent lighting systems that show off the best contours of your bathroom, and in more ways than one.

Sparkle lighting

If you desire to cast indirect lighting with taller ceilings, then opt for sparkle lighting systems in your bathroom.

Way Forward

Transform the appeal and appearance of your bathroom with cotemporary and smart lighting systems. Conduct careful research after making your bathroom lighting plans with a professional; buy high quality and durable lights and fixtures; and look forward to installing them in the best ways–for getting deserving “wows!” Today!

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