Office Lighting – A Difficult Balance

Adequate lighting is essential in a work environment. There is little point in spending time with interior designers getting the décor and layout of the building just so if the office lighting doesn’t work together with it. Poor or insufficient lighting can leave some carefully thought-out décor looking dull and lifeless, as well as diminish creativity and morale.

Getting office lighting right can be tricky. Too little lighting can create a dim and dingy effect, as well as a poor working environment. It causes strain on the eyes, which can lead to fatigue and poor performance. However, an office that is too brightly lit can also cause problems. While it may provide more than sufficient lighting to see documents clearly, it can also leave furniture and decoration looking overexposed. What’s more, too much light can cause excess reflection off computer screens, which can make them difficult to see and also cause fatigue for the eyes.
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How lighting can improve security and efficiency in your workplace

Your workplace should be a hive of productivity and profitability, but that can only be achieved if you create the right kind of environment to suit. Improving security and efficiency can make all the difference—not only will it give employees peace of mind but it can have a measurable impact on your profit margin as well, and upgrading your lighting can be a surprising way to make the necessary improvements.

Invest in outdoor security lights

Outdoor security lights should be first on your list of priorities, with the right options being a great way to improve the security of your business premises as a whole. Positioning these lights around any entrances and exits (for example) can ensure no-one will be lurking who shouldn’t be, and if anyone tried to gain access late at night they’d be instantly under the spotlight. You don’t want to forget the car park either—a high-impact floodlight system can ensure the area is sufficiently illuminated at all times, keeping it as safe as possible to give employees valuable peace of mind.
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Using LED lighting in your office

As a business owner you need to make sure your environment is up to scratch, and arranging suitable lighting will be a key part of that. Yes, you might have had the same system installed for years and might not give it a second thought, but it could be time to re-evaluate things—advances in technology mean LED lighting is now becoming an increasingly popular solution for offices and commercial environments as a whole, and it’s time you considered using this most effective of lighting solutions in your premises.

Benefits of commercial LED lighting

The first benefit is in terms of its longevity. A current, white LED light has an operational lifespan of some 100,000 hours—in other words, 11 years of continuous operation. This is in stark contrast to the lifespan of traditional incandescent bulbs, coming in at between 1,000 and 2,000 hours, effectively meaning that your LED lights will last up to 100 times longer. This means routine bulb replacement will be a thing of the past, being a great time-saving measure to increase operational efficiency whilst cutting costs as well, both in terms of fewer replacement bulbs needing to be purchased and the lack of manual work being required to maintain the system.
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