When The Lights Go Down

Sometimes when you turn on a light, you want a full power beam flooding a room, shop, sports stadium, or the grounds of a building. While National Lighting can supply lights to suit all these needs, we’d also like to introduce you to our range of Low Energy Downlights, which are ideal for commercial lighting projects.

Downlights are ideal for ceilings, to highlight display cabinets, or create a subtle ambience in a retail premises. They have proven popular in a variety of businesses, and can also work well in museum buildings or eating establishments.

If you want the lights to go down, then you’ll also find this style is ideal for small spaces, and run on affordable LED light bulbs or fluorescent light bulbs. We offer free delivery on orders of over £150 as well, saving you money if you want to bulk order and kit out a whole room or building.

But what about the products? Well, we have a popular Alaska range, which are low energy fluorescent lights. They have interchangeable trims, and ventilation slots to keep the lamps cool, which is ideal if the lights will be in use for long periods.

We also have on offer heat recessed downlights, like the stylish LEDMAX model. This light uses a 1W power LED bulb, and is good for ceilings, cabinets, and other retail displays. These are just two examples of the shop lighting we have on offer. For more information, and additional product ranges, please browse the website.

Lights and Electricals From National Lighting

As leading lighting suppliers we are proud to offer energy efficient, high quality, trade lighting products and components, and while we continue to develop and expand our stock, we can also offer a range of electrical products, listed for sale online for the first time.

Many of our electrical products are focussed around safety, both in commercial premises, and in residential properties. Electricians will find products they recognise in our consumer units section, which will give installers the flexibility to put together many different types of electrical systems. We sell affordable single pole Mini Circuit Breakers, protecting against short circuits and system overloads, along with complete RCD (Residential Current Devices) which will protect from electric shocks, earth faults, such as faulty fuses, and also contain mini circuit breakers.

If you’re working at business premises, including food outlets, you may find extractor fans on the shopping list, along with energy efficient lighting products. We stock two Airflow Icon fans, with an Airflow Icon Adjustable Timer, and the Standard Manrose 4 Inch Timer Extractor Fan, giving users full control over operation of the products.

In keeping with our high standards, our smoke alarms come from Dicon BRK, one of the most innovative companies in the business. Why not look at the 680MBX Heat Alarm, or 670MBX Ionisation Alarm and you’ll see what we mean.  Our Low Energy Downlights and electricals can be used in a variety of interior and exterior settings, so we hope you will find something to fit your requirements.

More To Architectural Lighting Than Meets The Eye

Although lighting in its simplest form is all about colour, design and price, there’s more to it than meets the eye. When it comes to architectural lighting, you might say there’s a science to it.

If you’re choosing lighting to illuminate buildings, then you have to consider whether it serves a decorative, safety, or practical function. A stately home will have different requirements to a hospital for example. Our range of LED garden lights and other exterior light fittings are ideal, as energy efficiency is always a concern for lighting designers working in this field.

Our exterior lighting collections are divided into six categories: there are lights you can bury in the ground, floodlighting, lights to illuminate signage on a property, and spike lights. We also have a number of striking designs in our bollard lights range, such as our surface floor mounted Felix design, or the Rotor W GX53 Anthracite, which looks just like a mini lamppost. This style of light would be ideal for pathways or highlighting entrances to buildings, while outdoor wall lights can be used to highlight features on a building. You might like to consider flush wall lights, such as the Nerum, which runs on fluorescent bulbs, or the Paster, which runs on a 20W energy saving bulb. There’s also a mix of contemporary designs in our uplighters and LED wall light pages, such as the striking stainless steel MINILED. It’s easy to illuminate your buildings with high quality products from National Lighting.