Efficient office lighting – good for the company and the planet

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The costs of running an office soon mount up. Offices can range from modest one or two room affairs through to giant blocks. Either way, paying the energy bills is a big part of expenditure, so why are so many companies seemingly happy to pay way over the odds for electricity? It’s not like they haven’t shopped around for suppliers. What too many people still fail to appreciate is the difference that energy efficient lighting can make to the running costs of an office.

Firms are wasting money because they are still using old style light bulbs, which are useless. They don’t last long and they burn through heaps of energy because they aren’t efficient. Not surprising given that they belong to a different century altogether.

Any company relying on these outdated bulbs for their office lighting is going to get stung by unnecessarily high electricity bills. Old style bulbs generate more heat than anything else, as well as getting through the juice. The simple act of replacing them with led light bulbs can save huge amounts of money in the long run. LED light bulbs cost more, true, but they last far longer. And they really are a source of energy efficient lighting. They’re ultra modern and efficient. Which when you consider lighting somewhere as big as a modern office could instigate massive savings.

Plus there’s the environment to consider as well. No longer can western countries count on cheap electricity and burn through more than their fair share of resources. It’s time to get more efficient for the sake of the environment as well as controlling costs.

More people are switching to LED light bulbs

Lighting suppliers are starting to notice a subtle but distinctive trend. More and more consumers are starting to get switched on to the benefits of energy efficient lighting.

The humble light bulb that we have all used up until now was designed in a different century. It just isn’t very efficient. Not surprising given how long it’s been in use! The light that it generates is practically a by product. They mostly generate heat, which doesn’t use electricity efficiently or effectively. The reality is that it just doesn’t produce a whole lot of light.

And the result? Unnecessarily high electricity bills. It’s a wasteful way to light a home or office. More and more home users are starting to switch onto this fact and invest in LED light bulbs. These bulbs are more expensive to buy, but the pay back is that they last a whole lot longer. Plus they are more efficient – they provide better quality of light using a whole lot less juice.

The fact that lighting suppliers have noticed this is a good sign for everyone. The demand for energy across the world continues to rise. The age of cheap electricity is over. We all have to be more careful and efficient with what we use. Not just to keep bills down, but also to do our bit for the environment. It’s such a simple thing buying LED light bulbs. It takes no effort and actually saves money in the long run. There really is no excuse not to switch over.

It’s time to change the office lighting

Look around almost any office and you’ll see the latest technology being utilised to make productivity gains, efficiency gains and financial savings. Except in one area: lighting. Chances are that the bulbs being used as the same ones that people have been using for well over a century. Which hardly make them cutting edge, or efficient. The rest of the workplace has moved on, for good reasons. It would be impossible to run one using typewriters or other outdated technology. So why not update the office lighting?

Not everyone questions the status quo – light bulbs are light bulbs. There’s no reason to change is there? They are just cheap and disposable things after all. The cost of constantly changing them though adds up over time. Then there’s the lack of efficiency: they use up a great deal of electricity to generate only a small amount of light, which is mostly down to heat production – as anyone who has touched one will testify. Energy efficient lighting has been available for some time now, but take up has been slow.

Perhaps it’s about getting people to see the longer term benefits, such as the return on investment. LED light bulbs cost more, but they last for ages. And are far more energy efficient, which when it comes to office lighting is going to mean substantially lower bills. Overcome the reluctance to take the hit on the initial outlay for LED light bulbs and the financial benefits could be massive. And it’s not just a financial decision but a moral one too. There’s the environment to consider. We are all going to have to be less wasteful and more aware of efficiently we light our offices.