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Fire Rated Downlights
If you have downlights installed in your home, you should find out whether they have a fire rating or not. Fire rated downlights prevent the spread of fire in a home. They are designed to comply with building codes and regulations, playing a vital role in ensuring the safety of your family. This is why most people are willing to spend a little extra on installing these types of lighting fixtures in their homes.
Fire rated downlights are made with expandable materials, which seal off the hole whenever reaching a certain temperature. This will help prevent the spread of fire into the building. When it comes to installing fire rated downlights, a hole is cut into the ceiling of the kitchen or any other room that you wish to protect against fire. The downlight is then mounted so if a fire breaks out, the flames would not be able to escape through the holes and set the entire ceiling on fire.

Fire rated downlights prevent both heat and flames from transmitting through the ceiling. Typically, these lighting fixtures have a 30 to 60 minute rating, but the best and most expensive ones can last up to 2 hours.

Building Regulations state that all commercial and residential buildings should be air tight. If you have more than one downlight that is not fire rated, air may escape through the holes. In loft areas and other cold spaces, these downlights work by drawing out the warm air in order to prevent fire.

Even if you do not think that fire rated downlights are that important for preventing the spread of a fire, it is still required by Building Regulations that you have them installed in your rooms. Some people are put off by the price of these downlights as they are a bit more expensive and instead, they opt for cheaper ones. Other types of downlights do not offer adequate moisture protection and fire resistance so for your own safety and peace of mind, you are recommended to have them installed in your home.

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